What makes us different?

Our People!

 "We found Randy and Marcie at NW Stone to be the best to work with and one of the best bids.  They did not disappoint.  Everything was done in a timely and top quality fashion, communication was flawless, and they are very nice people to work with to boot.  I have already highly recommended them to my neighbors who will be remodeling their kitchen soon.  They are Great!"...Karen, Sammamish

Our Quality!

"I went to the job you install for us today. I want to thank you for a very nice job, your template was very thorough the day he was out and your fabrication and install looks flawless. There was NO damage to cabinets and or drywall. The seams looked good as well as all reveals, edges had no chatter and the edge has a nice polish. Thank You for a job well done and look forward to a long relations ship with your company."...Wayne, Redmond


Our Communication!

" Northwest Stone Fabricators are so different. It is like a breath of fresh air. They called before hand and were on time to do the job. Both the template person and the installers were on time and they did a wonderful job. I am very pleased with their skills and the incredible service! I will definitely use them again for my next stone installation."...Mei, Bellevue

Every person involved in making your stone project is an employee of NorthWest Stone Fabricators - from our designers to our installers. That way, we are able to ensure you have a great experience every step of the way!

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