Answers to some of your more frequent questions:

Question: Can I put hot pans directly on my countertops?

Answer: This is a common practice but one we discourage. With repeated rapid heating and cooling, even natural stone can start to develop micro-fissures which will weaken the stone. The only stone tolerant to this practice is soapstone. We recommend that you use trivets on your stone countertops.

Question: How often should I seal my countertops from NW Stone Fabricators?

It depends on the material. Quartz countertops never need sealed, whereas recycled countertops need frequent sealing. Natural stone is somewhere in-between. We use a high quality impregnator/sealer which reduces the frequency needed to seal your countertops. If you think that water is beginning to soak into your countertop more quickly, go ahead and apply a new coat. Give us a call for product recommendations.

Question: I dropped a pan on the edge of my stone countertop and now it's cracked. Can you fix it?

As long as the crack is not structural, we can usually repair it. Call us as soon as it happens so we can help prevent any further damage. 

Question: I found a natural stone at one of the slab warehouses in Seattle. Can you make my project out of that material?

 We love it when you find and "tag" a material at the slab warehouse. This tells us that you have personally inspected the stone and have decided that it is "the one" for you. Once you have finalized your details with us, we send our slab truck to Seattle and pick up your hand-picked material and use it to fabricate your project.

If you have a question not covered here, please call us. We are happy to help! 

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